• We raised funds from donations to install a 14-foot driveway gate – 2021 (Complete)
  • We received a donation from members of a family who have close relatives buried at the cemetery in the amount of $20,000 which was used to:
    •  Have multiple trees removed and branches trimmed by Todd Pate Tree Service for $12,400 – 2021 (Complete)
    • Have the cemetery surveyed by Jackson Land Surveying for $1800 – 2022 (Complete)
    • There was $5800 left over earmarked for installing a perimeter fence.
  • We received an additional gift from the same family in the amount of $45,000 for installing a perimeter fence. Combined with the surplus from the original donation, the amount available for fence installation was $50,800. The fence was installed by Bravo Fence for $47,500. We also paid Cameron’s Lawn Service (our regular lawncare service) $500 to clear brush along the front of the cemetery along the roadway to make room for the fence installation. This leaves a surplus of $2800 from these donations which have been transferred to the General Fund with the permission of the family. – 2022 (Complete)
  • The cemetery was in need of some professional repair. Several gravestones had fallen off of their bases, and others were in danger of doing so and needed to be reset. The plot of the Preacher family had several large cracks in the concrete slab over the graves and was in danger of completely caving in until the void underneath was filled and the concrete repaired. All of the gravestones needed to be sprayed with D/2 (the only safe cleaner approved for historic gravestones) to restore their beauty and protect them from damage caused by moss, lichen, etc. The cost for all of this repair work by Preserving Our Georgia Cemeteries LLC was $3834. We received a grant from Brent Scarbrough & Co. for this project in the amount of $2000. – 2022 (Complete)
  • One additional fallen gravestone was identified that was not repaired in the previous preservation effort. The cost for resetting this marker was $1800. We received a grant from Walmart Douglasville for this project in the amount of $1500. – 2023 (Complete)
  • We had a large dead oak removed from the center of the cemetery by Todd Pate Tree Service for $1500. – 2023 (Complete)
  • We had the cemetery mapped with GPS and Ground Penetrating Radar. To prepare for the mapping, we had to have the cemetery meticulously cleaned of brush and debris. This was completed by Cameron’s Lawn Service for $500. Over 30 unmarked burials were discovered. The cost for the mapping by Omega Mapping Systems was $3855. We will incur an annual digital map subscription fee of $125 beginning next year. -2023 (Complete)
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